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Harley Softail Domino Rear Pulley sprocket Roland Sands Contrast Cut 66T x 1"

644,59 €
2007-2017 Dyna
2007-2008 Touring
2007-2011 150mm Tire Softail
2012-2017 Softail
2008-2011 Rocker / 2013-2017 Breakout

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Harley Softail Rear Pulley Sprocket Roland Sands CONTRAST CUT Domino 66T x 1"***NEW***Performance Machine and Roland Sands Designs Custom Motorcycle PM Wheels & RSD Pulley Belt Sprocket note video shows thinnwr type allowing older wider belt bikes to fit a wider rear tyre call for rdetails if unsure - Mike 01773835666 also in chrome or different pulley widths and teeth- for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Triumph, and Japanese bikes + Custom Motorcycles.Performance Machine Harley Davidson Fatboy 200 tyre can be used to increase tyre size on other models by using our thinner 20mm belts kevlar at £135 too!! and different wider rear fender we do- also see our Custom Motorcycle PM Wheels & RSD Pulley Belt Sprocketfor Harley-Davidson, also can be fitted to Indian, Victory, Triumph, and Japanese bikes + Custom Motorcycles with minor mods if using PM or RSD Wheels- any questions call 01773835666 or email sales@customcruisers.co.ukPerformance Machine Forged Billet Aluminium Pulley/Belt Sprocket. The Innovative and stylish, PM Pulley Belt Sprocket are manufactured in the USA and tested in-house to ensure quality and performance under everyday riding conditions. With a variety of designs, sizes, applications and a great finishes such as Contrast Cut and Chrome plate or polished give you the most choices. also vary the teeth number to change your rpm for better economy or better acceleration- call for details- see also our RSD and PM discs too to match .Each pulley belt sprocket is CNC machined and quality tested for strength and durability then chromed too- any questions call 01773835666 or email sales@customcruisers.co.uk or see website customcruisers.com for tech info on this product .Dimensions: 20mm wide fits 2007 fatboys or if need to fit wider tyre on older models-! 65Tooth other sizes available up to 74 teeth call if unsure- Mike Custom Cruisers UK .01773835666

Dimensions: 20mm 65Tooth

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