Harley Davidson 6 speed Dyna Softail Touring Transmission Conversion Builders Kit

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Harley Davidson 6 speed Dyna Softail Touring ?transmission Builders Kit Ultima
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Harley Davidson Dyna Softail Touring ?transmission 6 speed Builders Kit Ultima

Harley Davidson 6 speed transmission gearbox builders kit, now only ?850! easy to fit This kit fits in any Harley Davidson's gearbox between the years of 1990-2006 Baggers softails Dynas ?we also have complete transmisisons right or left side drive too-! for fat ass tyre kits call Mike for details 01773835666

Fit's Dyna's, Tourer's, Softail's all between the years of 1990-2006

The Ultima Six Speed Builders kit was designed to provide a simple, low cost, 6 speed overdrive solution for 1990-2006 Big twin owners.

These kits work in most 1990-1999 models with little or no modification. A speedometer recalibration unit is required on some 1996-2000 and all 2001-Later models. These kits will work in 5 spd type 2000-Later models with additional minor modifications. The trap door is thicker than stock so any brackets used that are trap door mounted may need modification.?


Roller Detent for smoother shifting.

Steel shift forks.

Precision Ground 8620 Gears and shafts.

Chrome Plated Billet Trap Door.

Gear Ratios:
1st = 2.94:1
2nd = 2.21:1
3rd = 1.57:1
4th = 1.23:1
5th = 1:1
6th = 0.86:1

Fits all Harley Davidson models between the years of 1990-2006.-you cannot go wrong at this price - hundreds sold with legendary only 9 left at this price - limited stock see our other auctions for 6 speed right side and left side drive gearboxes plus 65mm triple trees ?, iron horse frames and ultima 127 cube motrs!! plus ?6 pot brakes ?, airtail suapension units and rear air shocks to- technical specs see-

www.customcruisers.com-call us if unsure 01773835666
For credit cards please call Custom Cruisers on 01773835666 see webcheckout www.customcruisers.com too.
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