Harley Davidson Mikuni HSR45 Carburettor kit vergasser with filter Evolution new

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Harley Davidson HSR45 Vergasser carburettor and Filter complete kit less manifold Harley Davidson Mikuni HSR 45 carburettor kit and filetr does NOT include manifold shown- that is extra £85 Mike Harley Davidson Mikuni Carb and filter kit harley Davidson efi to carburettor kit Harley Davidson Mikuni carburettor on its own Mikuni re-designed the popular HSR42 Performance carburetor and upgraded it with a 45mm venturi to accommodate for large cubic and High Performance Big-Twin engines. The HSR45 carburetor has the same proven quality features as the HSR42 with only a larger venturi for a bigger airflow, which is needed for highly modified engines. It is absolutely the best carburetor available today if you don't want to have any restrictions in your incoming airflow for a maximum air-fuel mixture. Kit comes with carburetor, jet kit, K&N air filter, and chromed air cleaner cover. Works with stock style throttle cables as used on 1996 to present models. Available for 1984 thru 1999 Evolution Big-Twins with or without manifold and 1999 to present Twin-Cam models complete with manifold. For custom applications the carburetor is also available separately. Note: 1993 to present models need ZPN232234 crankcase breather kit. 1984 thru 1989 models also need 1990 thru 1995 stock Big-Twin style throttle and idle cables.Throttle and idle cables for use with Mikuni HSR42, and HSR45 carburetors Early style HSR42 and HSR45 carburetors have the cable wheel on the left side of the carburetor and use cables as in the table below. Late style HSR42 and HSR45 carburetors have the cable wheel on the right side of the carburetor and use 1990 or later OEM style cables as used on Big-Twin models. Most cables are available in black vinyl or braided steel.Fits most Harley Davidson EVO or TWIN Cam Big Twin with CV CARB or can be used with correct manifold to change EFI to Carb we also supply the ignition kits for this too- fits all Big Twins great for any bike you wnt more BHP from or a big bore motor- between the years of 1993 and 1999. If you have a query about this item feel free to give us a call 01773835666 or write a support form on our website www.customcruisers .com . For credit cards please call Custom Cruisers on 01773835666 see webcheckout www. customcruisers .com too. _gsrx_vers_526 (GS 6.6.6 (526))
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