V-STREAM BMW R1100GS windshield ZECHNIK Z2438 R850GS windscreen

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Ztechnik Z2438 windshileld for R1100GS BMW V-Stream R850GS Touring windscreen Ztechnik Z2438 Up-to-date V-Stream style, durability and performance are now available for the original R1100GS.Lexan bulletproof polycarbonat material with FMR 299 times more scratch resistant then standard perspex! V-stream flows wind and buffertting away from Rider and Passenger creating a totally new experience for both people! 

These replacement windscreens offer a solid and secure fit with outstanding performance. The special mounting brackets maintain factory rake adjustment capability for a wide range of individual comfort settings. The Z2438 is the perfect everyday, around-town windscreen. FMR hardcoated polycarbonate material gives these windscreens outstanding scratch resistance and impact strength unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. ? Includes innovative windshield brackets with sturdy 6-point mounting and complete OEM rake adjustability. H: 17.75 in. (45.1cm) W: 17.50 in. (44.5cm)

BMW R1100GS R850GS Windshield V-Stream Ztechnik Z2438  revolutionizes windscreen performance. The advanced V-shape and dimensional contours of the VStream windshields push the wake, typically referred to as the von Karman vortex, out and away more than 4 inches from the side of the rider's helmet. The rider then resides in a quiet and calm air pocket. This improvement is notable for the passenger as well. The Z2438 brings V-Stream wind management and touring performance to the early R1100GS and R850 motorcycles  . Its unique profile allows for full-lock steering and mirror clearance.  individual comfort.Lexan polycarbonate not usual cheap weak perspex/acrylic!! these screens are bulletproof- see our video for proof! 

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