Honda VF750 94-95 Magna Fork Lowering Kit PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION 10-1558

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Honda VF750 94-95 Magna Fork Lowering Kit PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION 10-1558
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Honda VF750 Magna 94-95 Forks LOWERING KIT VF750 PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION 10-1558

Ideal for shorter riders and for the latest slammed look- we also keep shorter progressive shocks in stock- too- ., Suspension should be personalised in the same way a seat or any other component of your motorcycle is tuned for comfort and performance.The 'Original' Progressive Rate Fork Springs soak up the small road bumps, yet are firm enough to absorb the molar-rattling ones. Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front end "dive" during braking, yet still provide excellent ride comfort. Better yet, we warranty our fork springs for life! Progressive Rate Fork Springs have several advantages over straight rate springs. A Progressive Rate Spring has the advantage of a rising rate resistance to compression. The benefit of this is that the spring can be soft enough at the start of the travel to offer a "plush" ride, yet be firm enough at the end of the travel to soak up the big bumps. Do you want One Inch lower ride height ? Firmer Spring ie shorter ride height but superior ride with less high speed weave and great looks- ? Height adjustable ?See our other auction for Standard height and other motorcycle progresssive shocks and suspension tuning 

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