Motorcycle drive chain RK 520XSO GOLD X 112

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RK 520XSO Gold Chain.

There are many chain manufacturers in the motorcycle industry but most (including some Japanese manufacturers) only offer a single type of sealing ring, using a "one type fits all approach" which is used on all their drive chains.

This can be inefficient depending on the intended use. .

Different types of seals for different applications maximises efficiency and performance

RK currently has FIVE types of sealed-ring chains. Each has its own features and benefits.

  • O ring and RX Rings came first. Each a great product in their own right and broadly similar to the competition's current offerings.
  • After several years of development, RK added the XW range of sealed chains to radically improve chain life and performance.
  • As racing expanded into several different genres, RK also added the ultra thin U-Ring and UW-Ring sealed chains.
  • Each seal type is specifically designed for a particular use to provide the ultimate in rotating efficiency with minimum friction, while providing a longer chain life.
  • Do not compromise: Maximise the motorcycle's performance by fitting RK chain. Mark Marquez does and he does pretty well...

Affordable, long lasting performance RX sealed chain. The XSO series offers less torsional friction and increased performance.

XSO chains provide up to 7 times longer wearlife compared to standard chains.

Barcode (EAN): 4935531476580
  • Sealed:
  • Grade:
  • Tensile Strength (Lbs):
  • Tensile Strength (N):
  • Pitch:
  • Colour:
  • Length:
  • Type:
    H Duty X Ring


  • Aprilia: G 650 Moto, Pegaso 650 Strada, Pegaso 650 Trail
  • BMW: F 650 Dakar/CS, F 650 GS, F 650 X, G 650 GS, G 650 X
  • Cagiva: Canyon 600 5G/H455
  • Honda: CB 500 FAD, CB 500 FAE, CB 500 FAF, CB 500 FAG, CB 500 FAH, CBR 500 R, NC 700 SA, NC 700 XD, NC 750 D, NC 750 SD DCT, NC 750 X/XA
  • Kawasaki: KLX 650 C1, KLX 650 C2, KLX 650 C3, KLX 650 C4, Z 750 J1, Z 750 J2, Z 750 J6F, Z 750 L7F, Z 750 L8F, Z 750 L9F, Z 750 LAF, Z 750 PBF/MBF, Z 750 PCF/NCF, ZX-6R 600 P7F, ZX-6R 600 P8F, ZX-6R 600 R9F, ZX-6R 600 RAF, ZX-6R 600 RBF, ZX-6R 600 RCF, ZX-6R 600 RDF, ZX-6R 600 REF, ZX-6R 600 RFF, ZX-6R 600 RGF, ZX-6R 636 EDF, ZX-6R 636 EEF, ZX-6R 636 EFF, ZX-6R 636 EGF, ZX-6R 636 EHF
  • KTM: Duke 125 2T, Duke 200 2T, RC 125 2T, RC 200 2T
  • Suzuki: DR-Z 400 E, DR-Z 400 S, DR-Z 400 SM, GS 500 EK, GS 500 EL, GS 500 EM, GS 500 EN, GS 500 EP, GS 500 ER, GS 500 ES, GS 500 ET, GS 500 EV, GS 500 EW, GS 500 EX, SFV 650 AZ Gladius, SFV 650 Gladius
  • Yamaha: MT-03 320 (5YK), MT-03 660 XT660, TZR 250 3MA1, XT-Z 750 Super Tenere

Please check manufacturers recommendations for full compatibility details.

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