Harley Davidson Softail gearbox transmission RSD Baker EVO 624003 1984 1999 BNIB

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Harley Davidson Softail gearbox transmission RSD Baker EVO 624003 1984 1999 BNIBHarley Davidson Softail gearbox transmission RSD Baker 624003Harley Davidson Softail gearbox transmission RSD Baker as fitted on bikeHarley Davidson Baker RSD gearbox forks Harley Davidson Transmission Upgrade for any Evolution Softail Ultimate Baker DriveTrain 5 speed gearbox allows a wider tyre to fitted in the rear of a later bike and best on market usually mover £3500!!! save £1000 VERY RARE fits softails between 1984 and 1999. Also fits any RSD chopper, Match the original engine in your bike or go for a custom look.! 5 Speed super strong Fully USA Made ultimate boxTo run one of today's "monster" tires in your Big Twin aftermarket frame, you have to offset the engine and the transmission to the left to make the secondary drive belt/chain clear the tire. By moving the transmission and engine away from the centreline, an unbalenced motorcycle is created. Right side drive fixes that problem. Changing the transmission output (secondary drive) to the right puts the engine and transmission back to the middle of the chassis, creating a well balanced motorcycle.Transmissions are completely assembled, and include a 32 tooth pulley.Clutch, inner primary, and shift linkageare the same as stock.5 speed transmission gearbox with 2.94:1 close-ratio first gear.Fitment ConsiderationsComplete S&S T124 engines are designed to replace the existing Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 96 and later transmissions moving drive to the right hand side of the bike- allowing for a far larger tyre with the option of offset sprockets or larger pulleys too - higher its in a stock chassis, making it easy to get the performance you want from your late model motorcycle if power upgraded too- . Take the stock box out and put an Upgrade Baker Drivetrain 5 speed in its place !! It's that simple. From 1990-2006, the Softail architecture and basic drivetrain dimensions were virtually unchanged as it relates to the 5-speed transmission, starter, clutch, and primary drive. Sure, there were small changes along the way but they were like having your sweetie convert her factory A-cups to B-cups. In 2007 with the advent of the Twin Cam 96" B motor and 5-speed cruise drive transmission, the drivetrain underwent radical changes such that the modern Softail drivetrain has almost nothing in common with its predecessors; like having your sweetie go from A-cups to DDD's. Totally different chick. Our R501 RSD with right side output is designed to go in place of the factory left side drive 5-speed and bolt up to the new style primary, starter, and clutch.- Fully assembled Direct Drive, Right Side Drive 6-speed transmission- Straight cut 1st-3rd gears for strength, Helical cut 4th-5th gears for noise reduction- Compatible with TC96 ci & Screamin Eagle TC110 ci engines- TorqueBox type linear roller detent for superior shift quality- Chrome trap door & top cover standard- Comes standard with zero offset pulleys and chain sprockets, with many offset pulleys available at a nominal upcharge- Case, and engine mount flange are machined from a solid chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum- Backed by a 5yr limited warranty case finish on the R501 RSD. Chrome FinishShift SystemOur 5 Speed shift system with linear detent guarantees smooth shifts every time and ensures that finding neutral is a easy chore. We mount our shift drum on a fixed spindle with roller ball bearings. The smoothest manner possible. The plunger rides over the 'clover leaf' peaks during operation (shifting) and when shifting into neutral pops into a pocket. This system lets you feel that you're shifting into neutral. No more guessing. Shift drum features more aggressive timing on the fork groove profiles and is case hardened to 58 Rockwell for wear resistance and crisp shifts. We built our reputation on smooth shifting 5-speed transmissions; our drum designs benefit from the engineering lessons learned.GearsetAll DD5R gearsets are made out of 8620 steel, gears are shaper cut before heat treat then precision ground with diamond coated tooling after heat treat (58-62 Rockwell 'C'). This extra steps ensures not only a quieter gear pair, but enables much tighter backlash control. The gearset is a combination of helical and spur gears to yield silent gear operation. The dog teeth are backcut at a 1° angle to optimize the smooth shift possible, while standard gearsets are cut to a 4° angle. The mainshaft is unique with 1st main gear being incorporated as part of the shaft, the countershaft also features a unique 1-piece design with 5th gear.RSD5 Gearset LayoutDD5R Shift ForksShift ForksOur investment cast shift forks are made out of 4140 then dipped in a hard chrome plate bath for wear resistance, also designed with oil reliefs to ensure proper lubrication and wear resistance on fork blades and shift dogs.The RSD5 comes with the following gear ratios:Standard Ratios1st Gear 2.692nd Gear 2.213rd Gear 1.604th Gear 1.235th Gear 1.00 RSD5 RSD Part Numbers** 624003 R501 Complete Assembly, Chrome 1984 1999**Above part numbers do not include pulley covers. They are sold separately.ALSO AVAILABLE - Forged Pulley Covers, Mechanical or Hydraulic- Low Profile Pulley Cover- Offset Steel Pulleys- Attitude Chain Adjuster Kit- Bully Derby Cover- Bully Primary CoverPulley Cover, Mechanical, Forge Low Profile Pulley Cover Offset Steel Pulleys Attitude Chain AdjusterPulley Cover, Hydraulic, ForgedBully Primary CoverPicking the right transmission fluid ensures the life and durability of your transmission, that's why BAKER recommends a fully synthetic GL-5 rated gear weight oil of 75W-140. If a GL-5 rated gear lube is not available, these commonly carried viscosities (weights) will work 75W-90, 75W-140 and 85W-140. BAKER does not recommend the use of Syn3 (20W-50). For Bert's article on 'Oil & Spiders' Click HereBAKER R501 RSD Fluid Capacity Wet: 18-22fl-ozBully Derby CoverRecommended Fluid / Level Spectro Oil BD-75140 BAKER 5 speed EVO RSD Fluid Capacity Dry: 22-24fl-oz recomended . we also keep and sell`pushrod tube tools motor pullers gasket sets we can balance crankshafts too

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