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FORD F350 EXHAUST ford F450 exhaust Ford pick up exhaust diesel Bully Dog 18155

FORD F350 EXHAUST ford F450 exhaust Ford pick up exhaust diesel Bully Dog 18155

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FORD F350 EXHAUST ford F450 exhaust Ford pick up exhaust diesel Bully Dog 18155

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AUCTIONS!!.Ford F350 exhaust Bully Dog power maker!! STEEL PICK UP EXHAUST DIRECTLY FROM THE USA NOW IN STOCK IN UK !! IN DERBYSHIRE GRAB A GREAT DEAL- MADE BY BULLY DOG USA PART NUMBER 182050 !!! IN 4 INCH TUBING WITH MINIMUM BENDS TO AID GAS FLOW- NO WELEDED PRE FORMED BENDS MEANING RESTRICTIONS ON INSIDE OF EXHAUST , BULLY DOG FLOW BETTER THAN VIRTUALLY ANY OTHER SYSTEM PLUS LOOKS GREAT WITH HUGE DOWN TURN STAINLESS FUNNEL TIP !!! THIS ENSURING LOWER TURBO TEMPS (UP TO 200 DEGREES LESS) AND LESS RESTRICTION WHILST GIVING A REAL BIG TRUCK GROWL AND MORE BHP TORQUE AS WELL- YOU CANNNOT GO WRONG THESE ARE $1134 IN US PLUS SHIPNG AT $400 PLUS VAT DUTY AND TAXES- TOO-!! THIS FITS 2003-2004 DODGE CUMMINS DIESELS WE ALSO HAVE FOR EARLIER MODELS PLUS PETROLS TOO . PLUS CHEVY GMC AND FORD ETC plus power programmers from SUPERCHIPS TO ADD BHP , RECALIBRATE SPEEDOS FOR LARGER TYRES ,AD BHP ,CHANGE SHIFT POINTS ON TRANNY PLUS SORT FAULT CODES TOO!! SEE OTHERsee us too www.youtube.com type CUSTOM CRUISERS SHOWROOM we have 104 videos and most parts for your bike will be on there- mike plus checkk our main website too as we have 4- ! most parts in stock- have a good one- Mike heres link:- http://www.youtube.com/user/bikermickyc#g/ucheck us out !!FINALLY FOR YOUR Ford F350 F450 PICKUP TRUCK SAVE A FORTUNE ON FREIGHT AND DUTY / TAXES WE ALREADY PAID EM!! ALSO FOR CHEVY DURAMAX AND FORD POWERSTROKE PICKUPS IDEAL FOR LPG NO ROT ON STAINLESS JUST AN AMAZING DEEP SOUND AND GREAT LOOKS PLUS MORE BHP TORQUE AND ECONOMY- YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!! SEE OUR SUPERCHIPS ECU/ VEHICLE REPROGRAMMER KITS TOO ON EBAY- see our other auction for GMC Chevy, Ford , dodge early and later models plus lots more superchips reprogrammers lpg proapne diesel turbo injection kits etc .call Custom Cruisers 01773835666 or email sales@customcruisers.com for more details on these great ebay products full descrptions www.customcruisers.com INTRODUCTIONProduct DescriptionBully Dog Technologies' Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems are designed and built with absolute minimal degree angles on bends. This will create the most free flowing low back pressure system in the industry allowing the turbo to move air more freely, reducing exhaust temperatures. Dyno Results have shown a 10-20 horsepower gain in horsepower be simply switching from tock to a Rapid Flow Exhaust System. This will also lower exhaust temperatures by as much as 200 degrees depending on size upgrade and horsepower output.The Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems have been specially designed to allow the lowest mandrel bends in the industry. The lower mandrel bends allow increased air flow which reduces exhaust tem- peratures, burns more fuel in the combustion chamber adding additional horsepower and fuel economy. This instruction set covers both the 4" STAINLESS PERFORMANCE DODGE RAM CUMMINS Exhaust the 4" Rapid Flow Exhaust ALUMINISED SYSTEM (THIS ONE) for the 2003-04 Dodge Cummins 5.9L. Both systems install the same way and come complete with all stainless hangers and mounts/ bolts and full fitting kit included-
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