Suzuki Burgman AN250 Windscreen Replacement Windshield Clear New

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Suzuki Burgman AN250 Windscreen Replacement Windshield Clear NewSuzuki Burgman AN250 replacement windscreen windshield National Cycle N3221


Suzuki Burgman AN250 AN400 Windscreen Replacement Windshield Clear National Cycle N3221 THIS ONLY FITS THE EARLIER MODELS Precision made in every detail, this screen is a direct replacement for the Suzuki Burgman's OEM windscreen. Made from high strength, high impact acrylic for long life and superior optical quality. The tall screen height and generous width offer added protection from wind, rain and debris. National Cycle stands behind their products. We offer a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.Material: HIGH IMPACT ACRYLIC -- High impact acrylic merges the crystal clarity of acrylic with an impressive impact resistance. A standardized IZOD plastic test compares standard acrylic to high impact acrylic: standard acrylic breaks at 1.5 foot pounds, while high impact acrylic can withstand up to 8 foot pounds. National Cycle uses the best material for the product design and price range. DOT approved.Hardware: Uses OEM mounting hardware.Size: Height: 17.5 in. (44.4 cm) Width: 27.5 in. (69.8 cm) Simply call if credit card 01773835666 or email with your details - Mike or Tina will be happy to serve you-we are shut Monday and Sunday rest of week open 9 till 5.30 PM . _gsrx_vers_526 (GS 6.6.6 (526))

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